Coffee Shops for Getting Shit Done

I’ve been traveling a lot lately and being on the go is always hard to get work done. I find it easier to work out of coffee shops. I also enjoy being in my studio loft at home (see picture in mood-board above), but when two people work from home and have constant conference calls it doesn’t work at all.  I like to get dress and just be out and about exploring and meeting new creative people. I love being inspired by the community and the arts when I visit coffee shops. I will be writing a blog post about co-working spaces and the benefits of getting out of the house. Here are some of my favorite coffee shops I enjoyed working out of. Photo credit: 1

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen- Los Angeles

Let’s start with my local favorite. Alfred Coffee & Kitchen is a trendy local chain in Los Angeles, California. A well worth drive 45 minute drive from where I live in Orange County. You know the saying “but first, coffee”? It was trade mark by Alfred Coffee + Kitchen. They currently have 6 locations in Los Angeles and Melrose is one of my favorite. The creative crowds and celebrities are crawling in the Melrose location.  I love sitting outside while working and enjoying a delicious cup of their delicious Stumptown Coffee.


One of my favorite coffee shop in Atlanta is located near downtown area called Octane. What’s not to love? It’s also Atlanta Best. People are friendly, the space has high ceilings, awesome to work and FREE wifi oh and did I mention BEER + liquor?! Can you say happy hour at 5pm? The French Press takes longer than the average Starbucks wait but definitely well worth it. Local artist creations’ are hung on the exposed brick walls with little tables and charming school chairs. I always visit this coffee house while visiting my sister who lives just a few minutes.

Dubsea Coffee-Seattle

Do you ever want to just hang out and have a strong cup of coffee and get shit done. Although, I do enjoy an occasional almond latte from time to time,the coffee here doesn’t need any condiments BLACK is just perfect. Seattle is one of those cities you go and you fall in love with the coffee. I mean SERIOUSLY, saying I love the food + coffee in Seattle is an understatement. After 10 different coffee shops in the 3 weeks I was there, it was hard to pick just one. People from Seattle LOVE their coffees. My client had consumed a whole pot of black coffee by the time I went into our 9am meeting.

I got to Dubsea coffee shop at exactly 6am and they were open for business. As I entered I felt a sense of community I wish I had back in the OC.  The walls are covered with local artist and the friendly baristas was enough of me to say, I’ll be back tomorrow (and so I did). If you pay with cash you save 5%. If you’re like me a coffee lover, that’s enough money in your pockets to pay for more Stumptown coffee.


La Colombe-New York City

The hype is REAL!  Something about the smell and the strong taste of black coffee here will have you typing 100 WPM.   The SoHo location has limited seating and honestly this is a “grab n go” kinda place. I personally like to get there early and just read my emails. The staff is knowledgeable, but you might get a bit of New York attitude with your draft latte which by the way is exceptional. I started drinking black coffee at a very young age. You can say I’m a bit of a coffee snob. The coffee here reminds me of my grandmothers’ harvest coffee beans back in the Dominican Republic. I used to pick the coffee bean with my grandma and help her with the process whenever I use to visit during the summer.

If you haven’t heard of Todd Carmichael, let me tell you he is one awesome man. He’s what you call a true adventurer and a globe trotter. He’s also the founder of La Colombe and if you want to know more about his story and the love he has for coffee, you can read more about him here.

What are some of the best coffee shop around your local community? Feel free to email me directly at, I would love your recommendations.

Author: Kenia Sciarrilli

Kenia Sciarrilli is Founder + Creative Director behind the multi-disciplinary Pink Creative Studio. The studio focuses within the fields of print and digital media, focusing on web design and brand identity.