Currently loving June 2017

Half way through 2017, can you believe it?! I’m happy to announce that I’m finally ready to get back into the freelance world.  I will be taking a few new projects as well as traveling the world with a newborn. This year I decided to travel  more and enjoy life to the fullest (life is too short)! If you follow my Instagram you may notice I added Digital Nomad to my profile. I will still have my home in Irvine, CA., but I’ll be traveling around the U.S. as well as internationally on “work-vacationing” sounds fun right!? I’ll be posting more about how things are going as a Digital Nomad and tips for traveling with a newborn.  

Moving forward I’ll be doing more of what makes me happy.  Let me know what you babes are currently loving and feel free to leave a comment below, I would also love to check out your blog.

Working on me myself and I… The self discovery of work-life balance :). 

Wearing simple tees (more about that coming soon) and skinny jeans with a huge chic Fawn Design diaper bag.

Watching  Girlboss + Sense8 on @Netflix totally obsessed with both of these shows. 

Eating clean even while traveling!!! It’s a challenge but I always try to eat healthier (lots of veggies) and go for long walks with Oliver.

Excited about more Airbnb + camping road trips around the states and also traveling internationally. 

Needing absolutely NOTHING my life is great!!! (Happiness is a crazy thing once you realize that we don’t have enough time on this earth, everything else doesn’t matter~ I ran half marathon when my dad was sick check out my instagram this is mainly the reason for my new outlook in life. I’m so proud to say that he’s CANCER FREE!! ).  Don’t let the small failure define you, everyone goes through them it’s how strong you pick yourself back up and keep going never giving up. 

Reading…. The Bell Jar read this one back in like 2002 and just finished it again You are a badass both books are great read,  I’m on Long Way Gone by Charles Martin.

Wanting to pretty much doing whatever I want!

Listening to mozart + baby music by Bob Marley lol 

Obsessed with art lattes (this new mama needs caffeine and an occasional glass of wine :P) +  fresh fruit!

Grateful to be taking a couple of new projects in September 2017. 

 xo,  Kenia heart-pink


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Author: Kenia Sciarrilli

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