9 Ways To Stay Busy Between Projects

Welcome to the Digital Nomad life! If you are reading this you’re most likely a freelancer or in the process of quitting your full time gig (go badass girlboss). Let’s face it, while we all have busy schedules there is a time during the year (for me around christmas holidays) that are slow.  I rarely take on new projects between November through early January. The reason for this is solely so that I can spend time with my family, come up with new strategies on how to improve my business and of course time for myself.

Here are some of my top tips to stay busy in between projects.

  1. Improve your skills- I often get weird weird request older generation think because I’m a creative designer I can fix their computers or even crazier their fax machine (hello cloud services). Sounds crazy I know but that’s the mentally with older folks. To be honest I’ve gotten inquires that are so ridiculous I actually started learning and taking classes for it, but hey that’s me I’m always up for the challenge. If you know me, you know I always carry a book. I read about 2-3 books a month and I’ve done so ever since I was a little girl. My aunt would call my mom and ask why I would always carry my books around and I guess I passed it on to my nephew Anthony, because now he’s the same way (sorry sister for all the expensive books he wants). I love learning and brushing up on my skills set.
  2. Website/Resume- Depending on your current work status you should be constantly updating your portfolio. Whether you hire someone to do it for you or you are a designer/developer and can do it for yourself. It is imperative that you update your plugins or improve your overall look and feel of the website/resume. If you have old blog post or work being displayed that’s not currently relevant to the current trend, then you should remove it. Also, creating new content and coming up with new ways to show case your work.
  3. Social Media profiles- I always say showcase and present yourself as a professional. Make sure you update your online presence with professional looking images and brand consistency on all of your social media profiles.
  4. Have fun- I don’t get to work hard to store all of my money money money and not do anything fun. I love traveling so for me my version of fun is spontaneous picking up and booking a flight to Italy because I want authentic pasta. (I have done that before) but my point is working hard has to have it’s reward, go ahead and take the afternoon off and go to yoga; live a little.
  5. Volunteer- This is very personal to me. I feel like volunteering is a special way of giving back to your community not just in monetary way but yourself. If you want to offer your services for non-profits or just walk into an organization and volunteer your time. Make sure you contact your local offices there are tons of non profit that would love your help.
  6. Declutter- Once in a while especially on my downtime, it’s the best time to DECLUTTER: and it feels great! From my computer files, house, personal relationships, etc. I look at files, people or just junk that are unnecessary and donate it or simply just remove from my life. Having a minimal lifestyle has been my number one goal for a long time and little by little it’s all coming together (thanks Simon + Jessica for the inspiration).
  7. You-This one is nice and sweet. “When you do something you love it doesn’t feel like work” but don’t forget all hard work pays off at the end and you should be rewarded. Take the time and take care of your body, mind and soul. It will definitely thank you later.
  8. Life goals- I remember earlier on my career I started making 5 year life goals, until I realized I didn’t really remember them or couldn’t really keep track of them.  I started writing down smaller monthly goals,  3 months, 6 months, etc. It really helped having short term goals. For example: I really wanted to learn Google Ads so I gave myself 3 months to learn and get certified. It’s easy to track and because most of us when starting to be Freelancers we have a lot going on so it’s nice to see results.
  9. Network- When I first started freelancing I received a lot of my projects by going to events, mingling with other creatives and believe it or not Instagram. I would drive to San Diego, LA, Palm Springs and even travel New York City for big or small events. Even if you just meet one person you can collaborate or just become really good friends, it’s worth it at the end.

Author: Kenia Sciarrilli

Kenia Sciarrilli is Founder + Creative Director behind the multi-disciplinary Pink Creative Studio. The studio focuses within the fields of print and digital media, focusing on web design and brand identity.